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Nah. It’s still growing and super profitable. No way?! How do you even make money? We run ads. But like, how much cash are we talking? More than enough to pay the bills. So, let me get this straight— In 2023, you make money selling ads? On the back of frickin' email newsletters?! I know. It’s wild right! 

Wait… How are you getting these emails? Brace yourself... We buy ads in other newsletters. This is too simple. What’s the catch? No catch, but the system only works if our content is actually great. Ok. I think I get it now. You start and grow great email newsletters? You got it! And hey, while you’re here, take a look around. You might find something you like…

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Learn photography with our practical, step-by-step tutorials.

Daily Colors

A super short newsletter for daily color palette inspiration.

Daily Photo Tips

Crazy good photography tips in your inbox. 5 days a week.

She Snaps

Your go-to place to learn and channel your creativity.


Exclusive photography resources, tools, articles, tutorials, and special offers right in your inbox.

The Daily Snap

A free 5-minute daily newsletter, for curious photographers.


A positive photography community for fresh ideas, useful tips and creative inspiration.


A free snack-size newsletter packed with bird photography tips, tools & inspiration.

Coming Soon

Finding and sharing cool gadgets, gizmos & gift ideas for you, each day.

Coming Soon

A newsletter for free Lightroom presets, delivered to you daily.

Coming Soon

A bite-sized newsletter for sweet deals on photography (and creativity) products.

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